Protecting your hair

Ladies let’s talk a little bit about protective styling and what is the point of a protective style. So in short protective styling means to protect your hair. Continue reading


HELLO 2017!

Wow you guys. I cannot believe how fast 2016 came and  went. My year was not only emotional but chaotic as well but there were some bright days  There was so many things that I wanted to do that I didn’t get a chance to do. But  of course there were things that I did knock off my list which I’m proud of. But this year I’m starting off my to-do list early and I’m not playing any games going into 2017.

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T00 mannnnnyyyyy products!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog if this is your first time welcome if you are a returning follower welcome back. The inspiration behind this post comes from a YouTuber I will not name her name but I was on YouTube watching a video of this girl doing a braid out on a TWA. And I thought that’s a cool video to watch it will give me some ideas and tips for when I do my braids out but I was highly disgusted by this video so you want to find out why continue reading.

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