My summer skincare routine

I usually don’t do much when it comes to my skin. Usually when I get home from work I always wipe my face with a wipe then wash it and that’s it I am done with my face. Then later I will wash my face before bed.

I have oily skin and no matter what I use my skin always get oily especially in the summer. First I rub the charcoal mask all over my face. I let it sit until I see it cracking then I rinse my face with DR. Bronner’s pure castile soap in lavender (one of my favorite scents).

After I finish with mango butter. Now I know what you’re thinking why am I using oil if I have oily skin? The answer, the mask dries out my skin stripping it from its natural oil. Remember our skin need to retain its natural oil in order to be soften and have moisture too much oil however can be bad for the skin mix that with dirt and you have clog pores. With that comes build up, acne and other skin problems. I only take a small amount of mango butter and rub it on my middle finger and rub that on my face.

I also use aloe vera every night. There are many benefits to using aloe vera especially when you been in the sun for hours. It also Aloe vera helps to soothe your skin not just in the summer time but it’s good for any skin harsh weather conditions in any season. The benefits for men using this is when they shave and get those little cuts on their face. Using this as an after shave will heal wound from shaving and helps reduce the skin inflammation. Kids can use this as well as adults. I take the aloe vera and rub it all over my face once I feel the tingling I rinse it off.   And I like to use the raw aloe vera I don’t like to use the store bought. I cut them up into small piece and store them in my freezer so they last longer. You can also eat the aloe vera as well because there is lots of other benefits to eating it. There is however a bitter taste to it but I am used to it because I’ve been doing this ever since I was a child. My grandmother used to have us do this and I hate the taste then. Now  looking back I am gald she did this because I find myself going back to the old traditions. Thanks grandma.

Then it’s off to be I go. I also cut some and put it into my  water for a refreshing taste.
When I wake in the morning I wash my face and use a bb cream with SPF to protect my skin from the harmful rays. I squeeze a small amount of the bb cream on my middle finger and rub it all over my face. I also so use a little mascara and a lip tint and I do my brows. Every one in a while I would add some blush or eye shadow to add some color to my skin. Then I am good to go.


Keep in mind this is a minimal makeup look. With #nofilter and my face looks flawless. It goes to show you that less is more. I mean if you love to wear lots of makeup,  playing with different shades and blending that’s good. You should continue doing so but I believe and having healthy natural glowing skin. I also cut some and put it into my  water for a refreshing taste.

 I have been doing this routine for years now I am trying to switch it up a little bit. I am looking for a skincare line of products and I hear simple is really good so I will be buying that and doing an updated skincare routine.

And this is the final results let me know what you think below.


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