The journal that inspired me




The other day I found a journal by faith and I have held on to it ever since.

I was at work one day when someone left their travel journal on the airplane. Just in case you were wondering I work for JFK airport. This journal is filled with pictures, drawings, paintings, dates, stories and so much more. I held on to the journal reading the stories from the places this person has traveled to. I was so inspired by this that I decided it was time for me to start journaling.

As I am reading their words it touched my heart knowing someone had traveled to these beautiful places and learned about different people and their culture. I could not take any more so I went to target and brought three journals. I sat and wrote down the first thing that came to mind. And as I began writing the emotions started to fall from my eyes. Sometimes all it takes is reading or hearing someone else words for a person to get inspired.

Below are images from the travel journal I found.



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