Protecting your hair

Ladies let’s talk a little bit about protective styling and what is the point of a protective style. So in short protective styling means to protect your hair.

Now many if not most swears by protective styling so much that they forget to protect their hair. (LOL) no seriously they don’t give their hair time to breath. So there is no maintains whatsoever and they wear these styles for months before they take it down. I get why most woman love wearing their hair in these styles especially if you have kinky hair. This makes it much easier so that you don’t have to comb your hair every day. But it becomes a problem when you have some people who lives by protective styling like this is their “Holy Grail” and they don’t take care of their hair that’s being protected. Ladies tell me if I’m wrong here, what’s the point of wearing a protective style if you’re not protecting anything?

Many of us if not most are consumed with the Western ideology of beauty. I know you’re probably wondering, what is the Western ideology of beauty.

  • To have a certain look according to society standards which can cause a person to seek perfectionist by going to extreme measures.

If we take a look at Pop Media and the entertainment business we can see that most if not many do wear makeup on TV and they are wearing either a wig or some type of extension. Let’s not forget the shape of a woman’s body. That a whole other subject that I will not be getting into right now. When most of these women take down there makeup and their hair weaves, braids or wigs their hair is damaged underneath and underneath all that makeup their skin is damaged as well. And I’m also including our nails in this as well. Because I’ve seen so many women put their nails through so much torture just to have it look a certain way not realizing the damage that they are doing to their fingers.

Why can’t it be that when we put ourselves  and our body through the pain of beauty  we are  doing it in a healthy way? The most important thing to remember here is loving yourself for who you are and being happy with what God has given you. But I will say this if wearing these things such as hair weaves, wigs, makeup etc. are your thing then go ahead and wear it just remember we are bought into the idea of a western ideology of beauty and we are forgetting where we came from. If being beautiful means you have to go through extreme measures then that’s not beauty. Beauty is something that comes naturally from within our soul.


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