HELLO 2017!

Wow you guys. I cannot believe how fast 2016 came and  went. My year was not only emotional but chaotic as well but there were some bright days  There was so many things that I wanted to do that I didn’t get a chance to do. But  of course there were things that I did knock off my list which I’m proud of. But this year I’m starting off my to-do list early and I’m not playing any games going into 2017.

I mentioned this in a previous post and I will mention it again “I am celebrating Life.” I will say this none of us are promised tomorrow and we don’t know what the future holds or, what it will brings. We have to go through life hoping and praying that things work out the way they should. If you are good at making resolutions and sticking to them and that’s your thing more power to you. If you’re not I would recommend starting small. Make a list of short-term goals nothing impossible. Then try and accomplish them little by little. Don’t let last year’s mistake follow you into the new year. In order for a change to happen you have to make a change within yourself first. Then everything around you will start to change. This is your year and I want all my readers to start their year off on a positive note. As we smash through 2016 into 2017 we are saying goodbye and leaving it along with all our mistakes and problems.

All I can say to you guys is keep the faith and stay strong never give up the fight. We’re always going to have battles but we’re also going to have bright Sunshine days filled with great memories which  we are going to hold onto. And that’s what we take with us in the years to come.

I wish each and every one of my beautiful followers a prosperous New Year and I love all my beautiful followers. I would like for you guys to take a moment of silence and hug yourself then look in the mirror and embrace your beauty. Thank yourself for making it thus far in life. And no matter where life’s journey takes you guys don’t forget to thank the man above for the life he’s given to you.

PS. No more new year new you. New Year new challenges, new romance, new heartache, and a better you.


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