What I am thankful for?


Well first and foremost I got to thank the man upstairs for blessing me with another crazy and wacky year now I know the year is not over yet but I thank him anyway. From heartache, romance to pain and suffering what a roller coaster I was on.

I’ve told myself over and over that it is time for me to finish this book project and I finally got it done. That’s one thing I can check off my list and another thing that I can check off my to-do-list is de-cluttering. I find myself hoarding more and more stuff and it’s gotten to the point where I just got so frustrated that I decided that this year is going to be the end of it. I’m not saying I’m going to become a minimalist that’s not what I’m saying here guys so don’t get the wrong idea. What I am saying is the simple fact that I was tired of hoarding all this junk in my life.

Now I don’t usually do the whole Black Friday shopping because I am more of a cyber Monday shopper. I rather sit at home and shop (just being lazy) No seriously I hate the crowd. Sometimes I would go during the week and see what gifts I can find for a reasonable price. It’s not about the gifts or the food it’s more about sharing that special memory with your loved ones. You guys have to give me a minute right now because I’m actually getting teary-eyed. Sometimes we lose a special person in our lives that meant so much to us. But I cannot stress this enough no matter where in the world you’re from or who you’re with just know that person is there blessing you on this special day of giving thanks. There is lots of materialistic things that I can tell you guys that I’m thankful for but I’m not here to do any of that. What I am here to do is to appreciate the life that I was given.

There are lots of people who tell themselves this year this is going to be the year they check everything off their list but they never get around to accomplishing any of those goals.then the year comes and they’re not around because their life was cut short. I don’t want to be one of those people so what I’m going to do now is look at my list of goals and I’m going to see to it that I get each one done even if that means I die trying. Sometimes we go through a lot of hardships in life and I feel like God put us to these test and it makes us stronger. I will say this I am truly honored and blessed with my readers for not only taking the time out to read my content but also to apply it to their lives. I honestly had DM where people were telling me just my words alone inspired them to do better and make a change in their lives. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate all of that love and support.

Listen guys no matter what you have going on in your life and no matter the journey just know that each day you wake up is a blessing and you should be thankful. There are lots of people who have less than nothing and they’re the happiest people in the world. I can honestly say that I’m grateful for this life that I was given and I will make the most of it. I wish you guys nothing but the best this holiday season and have a wonderful Thanksgiving gobble, gobble if you eat turkey even if you don’t just enjoy the moment and the celebration but most importantly enjoy life.

As always thank you guys so much for reading my words and using it in your everyday life. Happy Thanksgiving- Charley McCaw



11 thoughts on “What I am thankful for?

  1. I love your site very inspirational thanks for sharing. This post brought tears to my eyes as I was reading it because I have been battling depression for quite sometime now and it has gotten worse. I mean I am happy with my life just feels like there is something missing you know I started to create a blog but is unsure where to begin. I just feel like I have nothing to life for so maybe I am better off dead. There is the world and then there is me and I feel like I am living in another world so as the world turns it moves with out me in it what would you say is the problem? I have been searching for many years trying to find the answer and I am running out of clues. My time on earth is limitless and I have used over 30+ years of my time on earth. So I am crying out to you since you are so inspirational and your stories are touching can you help me figure out what is wrong and how I can get over this depressing before the depression takes over me. Please Charley I am crying with what little tears are left in my eyes, crying out for your help. This is not a scams or joke this is agirlwithapen a girl name Penny O. Milan who is indeed of something motivational in her life to help her not only understand but find happiness. Inset that what you write about? Finding happiness in a world of darkness, uh. There Reno words that can explain how I am feeling right now but your words are the reason I am still living in this world, and if you aren’t giving up even after all you have been through, then I wont give up on your words. I will hold tightly to your words and use it to help me carry on ,to find better days, brighter day.
    Love your biggest fan, penny!

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    • This is a lot to take in and I mean no disrespect saying that, I rather make a new blog post answering your question if that alright with you. Just give me sometime to write my responses ok hopefully it’s not too late and just know this Penny I am always here for you so you should never feel alone and if you want to get personal just send me an email whenever you want to talk personally it’s charlio221@gmail.com


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