T00 mannnnnyyyyy products!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog if this is your first time welcome if you are a returning follower welcome back. The inspiration behind this post comes from a YouTuber I will not name her name but I was on YouTube watching a video of this girl doing a braid out on a TWA. And I thought that’s a cool video to watch it will give me some ideas and tips for when I do my braids out but I was highly disgusted by this video so you want to find out why continue reading.

So like I said this post is inspired by a YouTuber and she was doing a braid out but the problem wasn’t what she was doing but what she was putting into it (buy it I’m referring to her hair.) This girl used so much product it was ridiculous to watch. Now I’m not going to lie I did mention this in a previous post how I became a product Junkie. I’m proud to say it I was one of those who spend lots of money on products not knowing which one was working from which one wasn’t working. I used every product I bought in my hair not knowing what product was doing the job and yet at the end of the day my hair was still frizzy and my curls or coils weren’t even popping. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want to sound like I’m hating the girl because she did her thing but the point here guys is that she used a ton of product to get her hair to look the way it looked.

This time around doing my 2nd big chop starting a new hair Journey again I have learned so much within this short amount of time. One thing I’ve learned is that our hair should not be a fight we shouldn’t be on a “Battle Ground” fighting with our hair. I get it a lot of woman stay relaxed because it’s easier to manage. Why can’t the same be said about our hair when it’s in its natural state? Simply because we are not knowledgeable on how to care and style our hair. One thing I’ve learned about styling my hair is figuring out what product is going to work best for the style I am rocking that day. Now styling products can be gel, pomade, pudding, etc. Then you have your curl enhancers and you have your leave in conditioner plus moisturizers. You have to figure out what style you’re going to do and what product is going to blend well with the style you choose. To ensure that you’re not putting in an excessive amount of product in your hair.

The best way I can explain it would be like this a person is trying to lose weight so they figure if they take 3 different type of weight loss pill they would lose the weight faster not realizing that even though it may be all natural pills they’re still side effects to it and you won’t know which one is doing the job. The same goes for our hair we put so much product in a day just to get it to look a certain way and we don’t know what product is actually working, helping our hair to grow or not working, causing our hair to break.

I learned the hard way when it came to using products. There is some products that just weren’t made for my hair and then there were those products that actually did something for my hair. So the first step is learning about your hair knowing not just the type of hair you have but also knowing what your hair loves and what your hair does not love. Once you have this figured out now you can start to buy your product based off brand. Maybe the Cantu brand of curl enhancer is better than the dark and lovely brand whichever you chose the choice is yours.

I will say this going natural yes, it is a choice but it is also a journey and it’s not going to be an easy Journey. You’re not going to be walking a straight path the whole time, there will be a lot of roadblocks. And just when you thought you made it past your first bump your face with something else. And along this journey you’re going to be faced with difficult choices and temptation as well. We can do so much with our hair but most aren’t knowledgeable enough to know what to do with it or even where to begin and that’s the first step not only loving your hair and embracing it but getting to know your hair.

I recommend you sit down in front of the mirror and you have a conversation with your hair like you would anybody else. And you get to know your hair know her wants and her needs, her likes and her dislikes.

Ladies we have to learn to love our hair in its natural state,



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