A blessing from the sky



I woke up today the same as always the only difference is I am losing my hair and my nails are weak and brittle.

 They tell me I am dying not much longer until I go they say that I will not suffer anymore. But there are so many things I have not done and place I have yet to see. I don’t want to cry anymore but I have not accepted death, I feel I am too young and I am not ready to go. The doctor’s say that I get to be a part of the make a wish foundation and do something I have never done before, the only gift I want is the gift of life. To have my spirit roaming freely like a child, I don’t want the sun to ever stop shining on me but I know life goes on and it will not wait for me. I would hope that one day my light shall be bright for all to see and I want to leave this world with a message of hope someday there will be a cure as for today I am leaving you with this letter to cope.


8 thoughts on “A blessing from the sky

  1. I understand so much! I hated the idea of death before too, and in a way I still fear it. But in reality, what it is there to fear? Death is just a natural part of life, it is inevitable. It is ultimately our only certainty in this life, that we will die someday and it will all end. I realized that life is much more frightening than death, that being free and living for reals is a rarity. Death is not the problem, but what you do with the time given to you. Appreciate every moment, good or bad that it may be, and always find something to be grateful for, cause every moment is worth living.

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